We believe that every child holds within them a

creative spark so powerful that one day it could

change the world. It is our mission to support schools across

the UK whose pupils are overflowing with creative talent by providing

them with much needed free creative resources and even more importantly,

structured creative time. We are desperate to nurture and support the creative flame in a new generation of innovators and hope that you feel the same!

Given that classroom time is full to overflowing, we quickly realised that any sessions designed to provide this creative support would need to be mostly extra curricular. That is why we now help schools deliver ground breaking after school clubs, where quite unlike any other, the children get to compete with other students from across the whole of the UK.


We also understand that both schools and parents can be constrained financially. That is why, not only are our clubs free to the school but in all cases we provide valuable resources that can be used both at our clubs and in normal curriculum time to enhance pupil experiences across the board. 

As one of the largest providers of after school clubs in the country,  we are able to offer a number of exciting

features that literally no one else can! Things like:


  • A massive inter-school weekly competition with great prizes!

  • Loads of free blocks and resources for schools!

  • Exciting YouTube channel with videos every week showcasing the childrens' work!

  • Videos each week to help teachers run the clubs together with a great fun scheme of work.

If you represent a school and would like to get involved please email us on schools@kidswithbricks.com

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