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Thanks for clicking through!..and yes we are currently paying TAs up to £20/hr to run one of our fantastic clubs at their school

Building and creating is used as a vehicle to learn about a wide range of fun topics. The content is introduced by video, written schemes of work back this up...and of course there is an inter school competition! It is such an easy club to run and of course full guidance and support is given to each and every one of our valued TAs.

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Additional skills for students!

This is an ideal club for younger children from year 1 up to about year 4. It develops resourcefulness, hand eye co-ordination and collaboration skills while all the time learning in a hands on way. 

As with all our clubs, the focus is on creative engagement and learning new skills in a fun and friendly environment.

How it works

Each half term there is a new scheme of work based on a theme. We have covered everything from the Roman Empire to the Rainforest and are looking forward to Magic next!

Each week there is a video that guides the children through a little learning and then sets them loose on the quick build of the day which lasts about 20 mins. It is this quick build that forms part of our inter school competition and allows parents and teachers from around the country to vote for their favourites!

Points are won each week based on the voting and we keep an annual leaderboard to see which schools have the best builders...I'm not sure who is the most competitive, the children or the parents!

Free building blocks for the school!

The school receives a large 30 litre tub containing over 4000 bricks, wheels, little people, stickers and of course instructions! Our experience so far, is that this is more than enough to run the average club but if you need more... just ask!

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