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Stage 1 - The Quick Build


During the start of the club, the children complete a quick build challenge based on the topic we are running in our scheme of work. They will complete the build within a 10-15 minute time frame. The club leader (and members of the club usually!) will then choose their favourite build and upload a screenshot or photo to the Kids With Bricks website so everyone around the country can vote.


Stage 2 - Voting!


As a new feature for the academic year 2019 all the schools will be available to vote for each week. This ties in with the implementation of our new software system so fingers crossed there won't be too many teething problems! Obviously we work with A LOT of schools so it's usually better to 'search' for your school rather than scroll for half an hour to find the one you want! ha


Stage 3 - Leaderboard


Following a week of building and voting we arrive in work on Monday morning to see who has had the most votes! Points are awarded for schools with the most votes but also our very own Fabretta (The character who presents our Scheme of Work) chooses her favourite build and awards the schools points!


Points are awarded as follows:


School sends a build in: 1 Point

3rd Place: 5 Points

2nd Place: 10 Points

1st Place: 15 Points


Fabretta’s Fav...

15 Points

Stage 4 - Termly Competition


At the end of each term we take a look at the results on the leaderboard. For the school that has gained the most points that term, prizes are sent to all children in the club!


Stage 5 - Yearly Competition


At the end of the academic year, the school in 1st place gets the Kids With BricksCup along with a prize for every child in the club. We also send a runner up prize to every child in the school at 2nd place!

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