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We’ve had a LOT of interest in our after school clubs and with interest… comes questions! To save a little time (for me! Ha) I’ve put together some frequently asked questions…so here we go:

Q.    Do you really buy all that Lego for the schools who run your clubs?..And how does that work?!
A.    We are very generous with our resources! Each and every school gets a 30 litre tub of building blocks, wheels and mini figures together with stickers and a written copy of the first scheme of work. A 30ltr tub holds around 5000 bricks.

Q.    Can we join at any time during the school year?
A.    YES. We deliver 6 distinct schemes of work throughout the course of the academic year so you can basically get involved at the start of any half term.

Q.    What age group is this club for?
A.    Even grown ups love Lego! That said our clubs work best from reception up to about year 4. After that the children really enjoy the after school Minecraft Club run by our sister company Mi little Pad Ltd

Q.     Is the club educational or are the children just playing?
A.     Absolutely, we pride ourselves on the educational content of our clubs. There are 6 schemes of work delivered through the academic year and each week there is a video to help deliver the learning in a fun way. This term for example we have been studying the rainforest and each week the children have been learning about a new animal.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

Kind regards,

Robin Daniels
01633 383211 Option1

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