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Welcome! First things first; these are the guys that you need to contact if you need anything!

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Robin Daniels

New Schools enquiries, Club Dates Collection and Monitoring

Robin is the first port of call for each new school that comes on board. He is the one to contact if you are thinking of setting up a Lego club at your school and need more info.

Robin will also be in contact each half term to collect the dates that you club will run. You will also be able to inform him of any changes you need to make to the club. He will also be in contact if sale are looking low at your club to offer help in increasing numbers.


t: 01633 383211 Option 1

m: 07411482996

Bookings Support

If you require any assistance with the bookings for your club, please send and email to and we will get back to you asap.


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It's Robin here from Kids With Bricks. We hope you are enjoying your clubs and wanted you to be the first to hear about our brand new after school club… Artikids!  This is a fantastic opportunity to bring arts and crafts fun to your students in a very similar format to the after school clubs that you already run. We provide a years worth of arts and craft resources along with 6 engaging, video based schemes of work and of course a great inter-school competition.





Please send all invoices to:

Invoices are paid on the last day of each month. Please ensure your invoice is sent in before 12:00 on the last working day of the month - Otherwise there may be a delay in payment.
Please ensure invoices are submitted either monthly or termly

Please keep up to date with your invoices, we can only process back-payments up to 3 months.


How The Voting System Works


    • - After the children complete the quick build challenge, 1 winner must be chosen from the class.

    • - A picture/screenshot of the winning build must be uploaded to our database via your MyClub page, the same week of the club.​

    • - All of the winning builds uploaded to our Leaderboard, are available to be voted for by parents/pupils​

    • - Votes are then collected each Monday and the system reset.

Scheme of Work Videos

If you are unable to access YouTube, Please use the media player below: 


Click on the Dropbox Icon above

to download the video


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