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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say a massive WELCOME BACK!… it has certainly been an extremely trying time for everybody.

As schools are tentatively making their first steps back to normality, we wanted to outline a few things we have put in place to hopefully help.

1. We are anticipating that after school clubs will gradually make their way back in September,  but until then we will be running our ‘Summer 2’ scheme for free for those that might want to make use of it. You can log in as normal to download the scheme of work and to access the weekly videos. Feel free to use them as a basis for after school provision if you are staggering pick up times, for lunchtime activities or anything that suits you. They will start the week commencing 15th June and run for 6 weeks. Of course any staff kind enough to run these sessions will be doing so on a voluntary basis.

2. Our annual leaderboard and competition has been brought to a somewhat premature end, so we will be announcing winners and sending out prizes shortly :-)

3. For summer 2 we will be running a special ‘Lockdown Leaderboard ‘ as a bit of fun and you can submit your entries as normal… Prizes of course will be forthcoming!

Robin is back at work right now, with Codie joining on a part time basis from the end of the month should you need any help or guidance.

Kindest regards

John Gallacher

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